Production and Sandbox Environments Q&A

1. What is Cloud Computing?

The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. Cloud Computing is an approach to provide the following services

  • SAAS (Software As A Service)
  • PAAS (Platform As A Service)
  • IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service)
2. What is sandbox url?

3. What is production url?

4. What is Production?

We should not make coding changes in production since end-users are using the application from production environment.

5. What is sandbox?

To make any changes for the exiting application we should copy all contents of the production into sandbox and make all changes after that test thoroughly after that move those changes into production. To create the sandbox, in production we can find one link called sandboxes. by clicking on that link we can create the sandbox by choosing type of the sandbox.

6. What are the types of Sandboxes?
  • Developer Sandbox
  • Developer pro sandbox
  • Partial data sandbox
  • Full copy sandbox
7. What is Developer sandbox?
  • It copy only configuration changes from the production.
  • It won’t copy real time data.
  • We can test the configuration changes with sample data.
  • Sample data limit is 200mb.
  • Refresh time interval is one day.
  • If we refresh all the sandbox contents will be replaced with production contents
8.What is developer pro sandbox?
  • Copy configuration changes
  • No real time data
  • Sample data limit is 1GB
  • Refresh time interval one day
9.What is partial data sandbox?
  • Copy configuration changes
  • Copy certain amount of real time data
  • Real time data limit is 5GB
  • For each table it can copy maximum of 10k records
  • Refresh interval 5 days
10.What is Full copy sandbox?
  • It is exact replica of the production
  • Copy both configuration and entire real time data from the production
  • Refresh time interval 29 days

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