Create No-Code Custom Portals with Titan for Salesforce Experience Cloud

Native Integration with Salesforce Experience Cloud
Native Integration with Salesforce Experience Cloud
Constantly finding new ways to connect with your customers, partners, and employees in today's fast-paced digital landscape can feel like a daunting task. Enter custom portals, this game-changing solution will empower you to build interactive, enhanced, and personalized digital experiences for a variety of audiences.

Using the Experience Cloud in Salesforce you can empower customers to resolve their issues independently, enhance seamless collaboration across teams, and allow partners to access resources and information all on one platform. Custom portals are digital gateways that not only enhance engagement but can be used to streamline workflows and processes as well as drive business success.

Titan is a great tool if you are looking to extend the Salesforce Experience Cloud. Using a no-code approach and an intuitive interface you can build custom portals quickly and easily to start building those relationships. In this article, we will dive into Titan's integration with Salesforce and cover building personalized portals using the app. 

Titan's Native Integration with Experience Cloud Salesforce 

Titan offers powerful bi-directional integration with Salesforce but what exactly does that mean? Bi-directional integration enhances the accuracy, efficiency, and functionality of two integrated systems. This means there is a real-time push of data to and a pull of data from Salesforce occurring in your Titan portals. Bi-directional integration ensures that your data remains consistent and accurate, provides real-time access to up-to-date information for your users, streamlines operations by eliminating the need for manual data entry, and by combining these two powerful platforms you get more robust applications.

To give you a better understanding, here is an example of Titan's integration with the Salesforce Experience Cloud:

  • Any changes you make in Salesforce, for example, updates to your customer information, will be reflected in your Titan customer portals. This means that if your sales team updates a customer's status in Salesforce, it will immediately reflect in the portal and be visible to the customer. 
  • Data entered and updated in your Titan custom portal will be automatically synced and updated in Salesforce. This means that if your customer updates their contact information in the portal, that updated information will automatically reflect in your Salesforce records.

Here are some key benefits the Titan platform offers:

  • Based on no-code development, users can develop, build, and customize portals without needing to write any code. Not only does this reduce your development time but it can also save your business money as anyone on your team can build a custom portal without having to engage with developers. 
  • Offering a drag-and-drop interface, users of all skill levels can design and deploy portals. You can quickly and easily compile your custom portals efficiently using prebuilt elements instead of creating them from scratch. 
  • All content is created using a responsive design approach, this ensures that your content is optimized for a variety of device types including mobiles. 
  • A range of templates are on offer so you don't need to start from a blank slate for each project. Each template can be fully customized to match your business brand and your specific needs.

Keep reading for a general Salesforce Experience Cloud implementation guide using Titan. 

Build Personalized Salesforce Portals with Titan's No-Code Web App 

Creating personalized portals using Titan's no-code web application builder can enhance user engagement. These no-code custom portals provide a tailored user experience and only display relevant content to users. When you use Titan, you can leverage your CRM data which allows for customization.

Here are some general steps to follow when using Titan for your no-code web application development:

  1. Install Titan from the Salesforce AppExchange and connect Titan to your Salesforce instance. 
  2. Design your portal by either choosing a template or a blank project. Customize the layout and configure the components. 
  3. Configure custom workflows and integrate your user data into your portal. 
  4. Ensure that your components are linked to the correct Salesforce objects and fields. 
  5. Test and launch your portal. 
  6. Finally, deploy your portal and start connecting with users. 

Elevate Salesforce Digital Experience with Drag-and-Drop Tools

Enhance the digital experience cloud by integrating with Titan and building custom portals with ease. Drag-and-drop tools are intuitive by nature so creating feature-rich portals is a breeze. No-code development means you can react to changes in the market quickly and efficiently, and update your portals without needing to break a sweat. 

Streamline Self-Service in the Experience Cloud

Empowering your users with self-service options in your portals not only alleviates pressure on your support team but improves the customer experience. Salesforce self-service portals allow users to handle their issues without needing to contact your support team. Make sure you check out the experience cloud templates if you need a starting point for your portal. This makes the development process easier as you don't have to spend ages reinventing the wheel before you can get started. 

Enhance Salesforce Customer Experience with Embedded Forms 

You can create embedded Salesforce forms in your Salesforce customer portals. Forms can make the data capture process a breeze and keep your database up to date. You can also create forms to include in your Salesforce customer service platform that request information from users about the issue they are experiencing, this can result in shorter resolution times as your customer support team can investigate the problem before getting back to the customer. 

Salesforce Vendor and Client Portals

Salesforce Vendor Portals and Client Portals are effective collaboration and communication tools. You can provide information and resources, streamline interactions, and enhance satisfaction by hosting a centralized platform. 

Titan Web: Best No-Code Portal Builder in Salesforce

Using online portals to connect with your customers, employees, and partners is a great way to platform communication and share information. Using Titan as your Salesforce website builder to create no-code digital experiences for Salesforce means anyone in your team can create customized portals. Offering seamless integration with Salesforce you can leverage your CRM data and rest assured that your database is kept up to date. Whether you are looking to create a partner portal, platform team collaboration, or enhance the customer experience, Titan provides the tools you need to meet your goals.

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